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What Bloom’s Taxonomy Can Teach Us About AI

What Bloom’s Taxonomy Can Teach Us About AI

Recently, I keynoted at the California City School Superintendents (CCSS) Fall Conference about the future of learning with AI. Even before I got there, these capable leaders were learning about AI from several axes and diverse stakeholders. They were using their previous experiences with social media to forecast what might happen with AI. They were carefully balancing the politics between their communities, their boards, their local government agencies, their parents, their staff, and their students. They were crafting policies and implementation plans. 

Often, they were doing this work with little cognitive and emotional support.

Dr. Carmen Garcia, president of CCSS, Superintendent of Morgan Hill Unified School District and an incredibly thoughtful and kind leader, welcomed the group with one sentiment; “being a superintendent is lonely.” No matter how big your team is, the high-pressure, highly-public, and highly responsible role of superintendent has little room for mistakes. 

In the education world, we’ve seen the ways educators can use AI to produce lesson plans, quizzes, and report cards. But I would argue the most important potential of AI isn’t to enhance human productivity. It’s to enhance…

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