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Stem to Stern: Everyone Gets a Trophy

Stem to Stern: Everyone Gets a Trophy

When you need something done these days, who do you call? How do you find a reputable outfit to fix what needs fixing or build what needs building? I’m waiting … listening … yeah, I know, it’s impossible. There are plenty of businesses out there who claim to be able to perform basic industrial tasks, but we all find out the hard (and expensive) way that no one is capable of anything anymore. Residential, commercial, industrial, or marine, there is an innate lack of give-a-damn that has created an industry of insulting incompetence offered at sky-rocketing post-pandemic prices. I try not to dwell on this when I get on an airplane.

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Here’s a true story: We recently hired an outfit to replace our chain-link gate at the yard. The old gate still worked but it had been hit by incompetent delivery drivers so many times that it was bent, twisted and looking tired, not unlike the wretch who runs this place. I suppose Driver’s Ed has gone the way of Industrial Arts, and besides, who needs depth perception when you’ve got proximity alarms with blind-spot and back-up sensors? It took a three-man installation crew four visits to hang the new gate and it…

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