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Sponsored: Into the Abyss – The Delma Blue Shark IV

Sponsored: Into the Abyss – The Delma Blue Shark IV

The new Blue Shark IV transcends its superb predecessors with an unimaginable water resistance to 5000 meters. This impeccable divers’ watch incites curiosity and exudes strength. As the fourth iteration of DELMA’s renowned deep-sea diver, it embraces the coveted Blue Shark design while integrating elevated durability and subtle enhancements.

At 3,000-6,000 meters below the ocean’s surface, the abyssal zone is a lightless area of immense pressure and chilling temperatures. The unique creatures that reside in these depths have evolved to survive in this harsh environment. Unusual characteristics such as transparency and bioluminescence enable them to thrive. Likewise, DELMA’s Blue Sharks have become increasingly resilient and distinctive through years of refinement and advancement.

DELMA’s first Blue Shark was launched in 2011 with a clear mission: to be prepared for deep sea exploration, capable of performing at practically inaccessible depths. With water resistance to 3000 meters, it was to serve as the foundation for a family of Blue Sharks each with their own distinctive characteristics. The future generations would not only dive deeper, limited-editions also introduced a philanthropic…

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