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Privacy Is A Group Effort

Privacy Is A Group Effort

Privacy is a complicated subject. It’s not always a simple binary thing, private or not private, seen or unseen. Seen by whom? Private from whom? Private to what degree? If you are walking down the street with a mask on your face no one can see your face, so that means you are private, right? What if you are the only one wearing a mask? Are you private then? People might not be able to see your face, but they can see that you are the only one wearing a mask. If you travel around the same areas frequently, people might not know your face and name, but they can consistently recognize you in the same way people do a familiar face simply by noticing the only person who wears a mask is back again.

So does this really constitute privacy? People might not have your face, so they cannot recognize you if you took off the mask, they might not be able to ascertain your legal identity due to never having seen your face, but they recognize you. They can consistently identify you when you are present in the sense of being aware it is the same individual across multiple incidents of encountering you.

In order to achieve meaningful privacy, you would need a large percentage of the people wherever you…

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