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OM Meets: Victoria Tso

OM Meets: Victoria Tso

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OM Meets: Victoria Tso

A former primary school teacher, Victoria Tso is our cover star this month. Here, she tells OM how she went from the classroom to yoga teacher training and now runs her own Inner Child Yoga School to help youngsters experience the magic of the practice.

How did you first get into yoga?

Although I’ve dabbled with a yoga practice since my university days, enjoying Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa classes, it was during my first pregnancy when I tried antenatal yoga that I became truly hooked. The emphasis in these classes was all about connection, rest, breath and full-body health and it really spoke to me. I’ve since found many more classes which resonate with me and know I need different styles of yoga at different times. I wish I’d done my research sooner to find styles which really aligned with me. It was when I experienced how much yoga was improving my own life that I realised how much it would benefit the children I was teaching…

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