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Krystal Clarke is 38 years old, but says she has lived 11 lives already. They include being a head chef on yachts and founding FoodSaucy, a luxury dining company that brings the personal chef experience on board, ashore and pretty much anywhere else clients want to enjoy it.

“I was never meant to have a job where I sit in an office at a computer all day,” Clarke says. “I like moving around and thrive on being busy.”

Krystal Clarke wearing her custom FoodSaucy chef jacket designed by Clement Design USA.

Courtesy of Krystal Clarke

This past summer, she freelanced aboard the 133-foot (40-meter) IAG Serenity at the Newport charter show and during several charters. She prefers freelancing to a permanent job on any single yacht; she likes the freedom and flexibility to work on her own business, and to continue learning new things.

Clarke says she’s always been self-taught. She grew up moving around with her single mom, who was a nurse in the U.S. Air Force. When her mother was deployed during Operation Desert Storm, she lived with relatives. “The military life taught me to be independent, to adapt to different situations and embrace the world around me,” she says.

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