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Market Report: Storm Clouds & Gold

Market Report: Storm Clouds & Gold

It looks like all of the stars are aligned for the storm clouds to form over the global financial horizon. But these are clouds with golden linings.

We’re seeing rising interest rates and rising oil prices. Plus, there is a looming banking crisis. There is global uncertainty now in Russia, China and elsewhere. And the huge deficit spending, as never before, puts gold on the radar of every forecast.

With all of these factors in the mix, I like the idea of holding some gold and rare coins to ensure that I have a plan in place to secure my financial future as these financial uncertainties play out.


Rare Coin Bull Markets Since 1970

During the 1971 through 1974 period, the gold window closed with President Nixon on August 15, 1971. That window slam was followed by Watergate, the OPEC oil embargo, high inflation and a 45% stock market crash that was the worst since the 1930s. The end of the Vietnam conflict marked a milestone for the nation, but during that time frame, silver rose 250% and rare coins 348% (source: PCGS 3000 Rare Coin Index). But that was just the start.

The 1976 through 1980 time period saw inflation continue to rise under President Carter. The Soviets took control of nations…

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