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Girls Gone Diesel

Girls Gone Diesel

Country Cuties And Their Rides

Thanks to the overwhelming response from last year’s “Girls Gone Diesel” section, which debuted in our February 2013 issue, this year’s Girls Gone Diesel section is bigger and better than ever.

The idea behind the section is that there are a whole lot of gals out there who own, drive and customize their diesels. These girls are just as passionate about their trucks as the guys are and aren’t afraid to use them for both work and play. To highlight their accomplishments, and try and capture some of that passion, we created the Girls Gone Diesel section in the magazine.

We put out “casting calls” on both our website and Facebook page,and provided a written invite a few months back in the magazine. And this year’s response was overwhelming.

If you’d like to be a part of next year’s Girls Gone Diesel section, here’s how. First, send us high-quality photos of both you and your truck, including a couple of close-ups of yourself. Use what you see here in the magazine as a guide. Next, we’ll need some basic information on you such as age, hometown and why you got into diesels in the first place. We’ll also need full info on your truck and the modifications you’ve done…

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