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Editors’ Choice Splitboards

Early pioneers like Tom Sims, a former skateboard champion, imbued snowboarding with the creativity of street skaters. Today, riders treat mountains like the Z Boys treated Santa Monica backyard pools. Side hit, slash, ollie, butter, spin, straight line. That’s why this year’s soft snow (then sunshine) and Powder Mountain’s playful terrain were the perfect combo for splitboard testing. Spending most of their time on the Paradise lift lapping PowMow’s hidden cliffs, our snowboard crew sought out every drop, steep, rollover and gap they could find, channeling that skate-inspired lineage to find each board’s limits and strengths. Though these splitboards are meant for the skintrack—and we took them beyond the rope line, too—they carry that history and purpose. You can rest assured the reviews that follow feature boards meant to slash, butter, ollie or straight line all over your favorite alpine playground. —Tom Hallberg

Arbor Veda

arborcollective.com | $750 | N/A | 152, 156, 159, 162W

The only thing rarer than the women’s pro model split is the women’s pro model split available in men’s sizing. The Veda, architected by Arbor’s Marie-France Roy, dissolves gender by being…

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