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Baking School In-Depth: Pan de Muerto

Baking School In-Depth: Pan de Muerto

Every year in Mexico during Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, the country enlivens with vivid color and festive flourish as people dress in vibrant costumes, embellish their hair with flowers, and paint their faces to resemble smiling skeletons. They gather for dancing and parades in town plazas and bake a bread that has become one of the most vital and delicious Day of the Dead traditions. Pan de muerto, Spanish for “bread of the dead,” is a sweetened, sugar-topped bread baked to honor the deceased. Homes all over the country will have pan de muerto placed among bright orange marigolds and little sugar skulls on ofrendas, homemade altars built to commemorate loved ones who have passed. Our Pan de Muerto is soft and rich, made from hand-kneaded, enriched, yeast-risen dough with delicate flavors of anise seed and orange. If you have any leftovers, toasting a slice and slathering it with salted butter would more than resurrect the day-old bread.

Join us October 30, for Baking School with Williams Sonoma and Brian Hart Hoffman! In this Baking School In-Depth class, Brian will walk you through each step of making, shaping, baking, and finishing this enriched bread. Register here!

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