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AI 101 for teachers | 5-part video series

AI 101 for teachers | 5-part video series

Aviv from Khan Academy here! I taught in NYC for 5 years and now spend my time trying to make teachers’ lives better through technology. Recently, my team collaborated with our partners at Code.org, ETS, and ISTE to develop a five-part professional learning series for teachers looking to get expert perspectives on AI for the classroom, and I want to tell you about it right away. AI 101 for Teachers is a digestible, upbeat and free series that:

  • Provides educators with comprehensive knowledge and skills to safely integrate AI tools into their classrooms, enhancing both teaching practices and student learning.
  • Equips educators with strategies to protect students from risks such as misinformation, privacy loss, and algorithmic bias, making AI a responsible part of the educational experience.
  • Gives teachers a deeper understanding of the mechanics of AI, enabling tailored AI-based educational solutions to meet specific classroom needs and objectives.

You’ll find all 5 videos right here on this blog post and in Khan Academy’s AI for Education course: Unit 2: Teaching with AI. Happy watching!

The Series

AI 101 for Teachers session 1: Fireside Chat with Sal Khan and Hadi Partovi 

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