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9 Best Breads for Your Thanksgiving Table

9 Best Breads for Your Thanksgiving Table

The most important step to your best “Bakes-giving”? The bread basket, of course! From warm rolls to blissful browned butter biscuits and everything in between, these nine breads will take center stage at your holiday table!

1. Sage Browned Butter Biscuits

These aren’t your average buttermilk biscuits. This Sage Browned Butter Biscuits recipe is the ultimate savory bake. Using browned butter infused with sage to create flaky, fluffy layers and cold buttermilk for a tangy richness, these biscuits are a perfect side for any meal. Top the golden-brown rounds with flaked sea salt and slather with softened butter for a beautiful, tasty finish.

2. Cranberry-Sage Fantails

cranberry fantailsElegant and deliciously buttery, these golden-layered Cranberry-Sage Fantails will elevate any fall feast. Their shape resembles a flower in bloom, with each petal forming a perfect pull-apart bite flecked with tart, rubied cranberries, and the earthy aroma of sage.

3. Beer-Cheddar Muffins

We don’t need to tell you that beer and cheese work well together. But you won’t realize how divine this pairing is until you taste these lager-and cheddar-laden muffins. Based on a classic family recipe from editor-in-chief Brian Hart Hoffman’s mother, you’ll…

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